El Faro Lighthouse Aerial Video - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

The Mazatlan lighthouse was first built in 1879, and at the time was the highest in the world. Our lighthouse still holds onto second place today not because the structure itself is all that impressive but because of the 515 ft. hill it is perched on. The hike takes from 10-30 minutes depending on your fitness starting with a steep dirt road, then trail and finally 325 steps.

It's well worth the hike as you will find the best view in the city. The ideal time is sunrise or sunset and you find the trail scattered with both locals using the hill for their daily workout and a few tourist as well. The view is spectacular and the lighthouse is staffed with security around the clock offering water and soft drinks for sale when you reach the summit.

Use caution as the climb is fairly steep and there are some areas that could use railings near the top.