Mazatlan Mexico Drones - Cerritos Beach Aerials

A favorite beach in Mazatlan, Mexico.  A few miles from the center of the Golden Zone the road ends and you will find a beach that is peaceful during the week and colorful on the busy weekends.  Regardless, it's worth the trip.  Where the Cerritos Juarez bus ends you can go left to Playa Bruja or walk straight past the shops and restaurants then down the stairs to one of the best kept secrets in town.  If you go at low tide and walk to the left from the bottom of the stairs you will find an amazing tide pool that makes for a relaxing day.  Then when you are heading out there is plenty of fresh fish to be found.  Try the Zarandeado (Sinaloa Style) with Red Snapper (Pargo in Spanish) and you will be pleasantly surprised.