El Mirador Sunrise to Sunset Mazatlan Mexico Drones

What often drives us to take our limited down time and find another place to shoot are the people we meet on location and the surprises that we see when reviewing the footage at the end of the day.  We came to film the sunrise, but this day started with a the beginning of a new life when we met two girls setting the stage for their friend to propose marriage to his girlfriend at sunrise (we heard she said yes).  Then a few hours later we received news that my wife's mother passed after a long fought illness.  After an emotional week it seemed fitting to return and film the sunset to go along with the sunrise and this was the result...

About 2 Kilometers from the El Faro Lighthouse is El Mirador, one of the best vantage points in Mazatlan, Mexico for breathtaking views of the harbor, centro and the islands. The antique canon that sits atop the hill was once used to protect the early inhabitants of Mazatlan. With some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets you will ever see make sure you time your trip to coincide with one or the other and spend 30-40 minutes enjoying the view. A great circuit is to park your car (or get off of the Sabalo Centro bus at the end of the route), head for the top of the El Faro Lighthouse. After the climb head back down and across to the El Mirador stairs and hopefully you will reach the top in time for the sunset. This is certainly an intermediate level hike and will take an hour or more depending on your speed and condition. There is a restaurant at the top but at the time of posting this video it is being remodeled and is currently closed. Definitely a must see in Mazatlan!

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