Around Ice Box Hill - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

Aside from having some of most spectacular views in Mazatlan, Ice Box Hill has a colorful past. The bridge like structure you can see from the video is the old road to Centro and had tunnels for passing cars, one of which is now an extra bedroom for a home near the structure. The hill is home to limestone caves once used to store ice imported from San Francisco during the mid-1800s. Mazatlan families used this ice to preserve their seafood and other perishables before the days of household refrigerators. By the time of the revolution, the hill was used to store ammunition. Devil's Cave -- the red gate which you can see from side of the hill near the divers was at one time an escape route for soldiers guarding the ammunition. Mazatlan was the second city in the world to be bombed from the air and the biplane was sent to bomb the hill. It missed its target and dropped the package of dynamite and nails onto the city streets, killing two citizens. Today, Ice Box Hill (Cerro Neveria) holds only numerous radio and microwave towers.