Carnival Mazatlan - Combate Naval 2017 - Mazatlan Mexico Drones

Carnival Mazatlan each February is one of the biggest in the world. it's a week long celebration where the queen is crowned and celebrated with a huge party featuring local music and famous Mexican entertainers. Combate Naval is a spectacular fireworks display where fireworks are launched from a dozen locations in Olas Altas near centro and barges positioned about a kilometer off shore simulating a famous battle that occurred in 1862.
In May of 1862 the French corvette Bayonnaise arrived at Mazatlán and a few days later initiated the blockade of the port, that lasted until the 18 of June. In March of 1864 the Cordeliere captured in the waters of Nayarit a ship of Mexican flag that came from San Francisco , California , and that took letters directed to the president Benito Juárez .